Terms of use

Reference: “Ethical principle in fundraising in Vietnam", VUFO-NGO Resource Centre

Financial commitment

1. NPOs/NGOs responsibility regarding donations‚Ä®

  • Donations will be accepted only if made voluntarily and solely in line with the mission and objectives of the organization.

  • Funds will not be raised for the personal financial gain of the fundraiser or any organization the fundraiser may represent. 

  • All contributions will be collected and recorded on 1ForChange website.

2. Relationship with stakeholders.

  • DRDare strictly answerable to all stakeholders including donors, beneficiaries, and employees

  • DRD will respect contributors’ rights by providing timely information about how contributions are used, respecting donor privacy, and honoring donor wishes. 

  • DRD will respect beneficiary rights and preserve their honor, dignity and prestige in fundraising materials or techniques.

3. Responsibility for communications, marketing and public information.

  • DRD will only use public information that is accurate, truthful and not misleading, and information that respects the honor, dignity and prestige of beneficiaries. 

  • DRD will provide truthful information about use of funds, without exaggeration or underestimation. 

  • All donor and prospect information is not shared for a third party without permission.

4. DRD will submit accurate annual reports and, if required, other periodic reports to all stakeholders within a reasonable time.

5. DRD will comply with applicable local, national or international laws. Activities won't conflict with national and international legal obligations to their organization or to others. 

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