Training, Consultation, and Evaluation


DRD has 15 years of experience in the following fields:

- Soft skill training on: Communication with persons with disabilities (PWDs), coaching, training for the trainers, leadership, teamwork, self-advocacy, organizing and conducting meetings, mobilizing resources, resolving conflicts, interviewing, writing CV, etc.

- Consulting on equality, diversity, and inclusion: The policy on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are becoming more popular among international organizations and businesses. It ensures that there is no discrimination in recruiting, retaining, training, and developing employees, thus building an independent, diverse, and enabling work environment.

- Providing consulting and counseling for individuals and peer-counseling groups

- Consulting on reasonable adjustments: evaluating and advising on the disability and accessibility levels as a basis to suggest reasonable adjustments to businesses, schools, and hospitals.

- Consulting on the formulation and management of projects that receive international and local funding

- Project monitoring and evaluation (M&E): Providing guidelines for the review and evaluation of goal achievement, identifying issues and providing support during the decision-making process, making proper adjustments to strategies and plans to align with real-life situations. Providing monitoring and evaluation to design more effective programs and meet the requirements of the donors.

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