DRD welcomes all forms of collaboration to realize the vision of "One World For All".
Together, we can make the world a better place for everyone, including persons with disabilities.

During its 15 years (2005-2020), DRD has been carrying out various projects to promote equality of opportunity and social integration, eliminate barriers, and improve life quality of persons with disabilities (PWDs). These projects, for the most part, meet the diverse needs of PWDs, such as capacity building and network development for PWDs (funded by Ford Foundation), career consulting and job recommendation (BUILD and BRAVE projects funded by Irish Aid), Independent Living (funded by Nippon Foundation via Human Care Association), transportation support (funded by KOICA), capacity building for young persons with disabilities (funded by Atlantic Philanthropies), networking (activities of Doi Rat Dep (Life is Beautiful) Club), accessibility (Accessibility for Inclusion and Accessibility for All, funded by USAID), startups, financial support, disability aids, etc. and many other projects.



Join DRD to act for PWDs by sharing ideas, financial support, networking and participating in its projects.

On-going projects

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