Project description

Within more than 5 years, the Disability Research and capacity Development (DRD) center has always been consistENT with the objectives: raise awareness of people with disabilities and of other members in the community about issues of the disability, as well as build up the capacity for individuals, groups / organizations of people with disabilities so that they can operate more effectively in the role of representing people with disabilities; improve social skills of people with disabilities so that they feel more confident in their own abilities and actively participate in social programs that affect the lives of people with disabilities. 

People with disabilities are just like other members in society, they have the right to participate in all social activities that they love to, have a proper ( normal?) life and be respected. Employment for the disability is an activity of DRD to prove this value. Being able to select a proper career which meets the needs and limitations of the disability is a challenging process, finding jobs after vocational training is even many times more difficult. 

People with disability should have opportunities like the others in society, they would build effective community Once they can work and earn money for themselves and support their families and contribute to develop the society. Based on that, they will feel more confident to participate in social activities and prove their value to family and society. 

The Target of DRD employment activity is to Improve life quality of people with disabilities through capacity building and access to employment opportunities.

For workers who need to find job, we use peer consultation and capabilities rating, making the appropriate selection and providing training in soft skills about employment, which support the person to find a suitable job. Besides, we support the students with disabilities to have a chance to practice, and opportunity to meet business people.There are also companions with people with disabilities in the time of work or internship.

With business, we will provide workers with disabilities, offer consult to organizations working with different forms of disability, organize training courses and seminars related to the disabled workers, and partner with enterprises in working with disabled employees, as well as providing the interns, and together with business improve social responsibilities.


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