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Introduction about Scholarship & Mentoring for students with disabilities

1. Objectives of the program

The objectives of the Scholarship & Mentoring program are to create more suitable studying and developing conditions for students with disabilities, as well as help them be aware of their benefit and responsibility in the society.

DRD believes that if people with disabilities (PWD) have opportunity to study, they will:

- Know how to behave and to perfect their personality

- Open their mind, have soft skills, be more confident about their ability

- Have a chance to assert themselves and therefore to help change the perspective of society on the abilities of PWD

- Find jobs adapted to their capacity, have a stable life, support their family and the community and finally contribute to the development of the country.

2. Impacts of the program

- Students with disabilities granted with this scholarship will have the opportunity to better understand the philosophy “one for all, all for one”. These students will also obtain wider knowledge about disability and living skills through training and activities organized by DRD. After graduation, they will be helped by DRD with their own job search through the network that DRD is currently developing.

- In addition, students with disabilities will be challenged to participate in organizing skill sharing programs for other students with disabilities that contribute to improve their self-confidence and social inclusion.

3. Beneficiaries of the Scholarship

- Students with disability studying at universities or colleges in HCMC.

- Their total score has to be over 6,5 (for second year student and above) and school report score has to be over 7,0 (for freshmen).

- The beneficiary must allow DRD to post her/his personal information on the “Scholarship” section of DRD’s website.

4. Selection criteria

- Facing financial difficulties

- Having ambition with feasible plans

- Being community-minded and showing care for others

Priority: Women, coming from remote areas, ethnic minority

5. Scholarship value:     

Monthly funding: Depending on local living conditions, a full scholarship will provide 1,000,000 VND per month or 500,000 VND per month.

6. Deadlines of application

Every year, DRD has two deadlines to apply and confirm the Scholarship

- First deadline: Applications can be submitfrom April 1 to May 30. The results will be announced on June 30.

- Second deadline: Applications can be submit from October 1 to November 30. The results will be announced on December 30

7. Renewal of the scholarship

The renewal of the scholarship is automatic. However, the beneficiaries must send their score board of every semester as soon as they receive it to allow the coordinator of the program to stop the scholarship if necessary.

8. Requirements

- Send the report on time (quarterly)

- Cooperate and keep regular contact with the scholarship group.

- Participate in some chosen activities to show up spirit and corporate social responsibility: Tutoring for children with disabilities, organization of events, supporting other students with disabilities…

9. Application must include

- Personal information and family situationthrough 1 of the 2 following ways:

o Complete the attached form (Download here)

o Register through the link:

- All the semesterial score result board stamped by the university or college ( for second year student and above)

- Copy of the report in high school and the proof of enrollment at the university or college (for freshmen if they don’t have the score board yet)

- Copy of the certificate of poverty or the certificate of the difficult economic situation of the family (if any)

- A body picture showing clear face and the type of disability

10. Contact information

- Person in charge: Phan Thi Rat

- Phone number: 84-8 6267 9911 (ext 114) or mobile phone number: 84-12645 98210

11. How to apply

Please send your application through email or post office


Address: 311K8 Street 7, Thu Thiem Resettlement, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam

To be convenient and to save time as well as cost for the students, we encourage to send the application through email and to sign up information with the link above.

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