More than 200 people with disabilities received trainings in teamwork and leadership in Tay Ninh and Binh Dinh Provinces

Wednesday, 05 October 2016 02:53

As part of the project “Accessibility for Inclusion of People with Disabilities”, sponsored by USAID, DRD and Tay Ninh Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs organized 2 training sessions about “Leadership and Teamwork skills for people with disabilities” from 22-23/09/2016 in Tay Ninh Province and from 27- 29/09/2016 in Binh Dinh Province .

Toàn cảnh lớp tập huấn

Overview of the Teamwork and leadership training session

The training sessions focused on improving competencies for people with disabilities living in remote areas of Binh Dinh and Tay Ninhandwith limited access and opportunities to participate in social activities. The activity belonged to the third objective: Enhancing competencies for groups of individuals with disabilities so they can become pioneers and actively contribute to local activities and events for people with disabilities.

TDV nhiệt tình tham gia trò chơi làm việc nhóm


A day of teamwork training

TDV Làm việc nhóm

The members of a team working together to build a tower

Contributing significantly to the success of the trainings , the leading authorities of both provinces provided a precious support during the events.

Many people with disabilities had to ask relatives or neighbors to drive them to the event. The high number of participants indicated their enthusiasm to meet new people, share and obtain new information.

Một sản phẩm của làm việc nhóm


Final product after a teamwork activity

Hoàn thành bài tập nhóm

Results from Tu Tin Group

The trainings involved teamwork games and activities that required many group decisions in order to meet the requirements of the coach. Participants were divided into groups and were encouraged to share their own opinions and ideas.


Trình bày trước lớp tập huấn

A participant presentingthe ideas of her group

The majority of the attendees shared that the activities and games during the trainings were straightforward, entertaining and very useful for people with disabilities. We received many positive feedbacks to organize more similar events to help people with disabilities become more informed and confident.

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