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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 01:54

To continue the chain of capacity building, DRD organised the training on "teamwork skills" on 25-26/09/2018 for 27 people with disabilities who are leaders and members of clubs of people with disabilities in Quy Nhon. This activity is part of the project "Access for All" funded by the United States Agency for International Development - USAID Vietnam.

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The training course helped the leaders and members know how to work together in a team, associate with each other for the benefits of the organisation, motivate, establish strong relationships and learn how to lead an organisation effectively.

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Lots of useful lessons learned from the games on the training days. Here are the learners’ feedbacks.

"Through the towering game, I've finally realised that the sacrifice and contribution of members are essential to building a strong group of people of disabilities. You know, if you want to build a home, you'll need to plan, match the requirements of the job to the abilities of the person and need to be unanimous. Similarly, the role of each person in the organisation as important as the nail in the house, just one nail missing, the house will weaken and collapse."

"Through the game, I learned that to form a group; there should be a group name, a slogan, a leader, interaction among members, different roles of each member and rules."

"I'm pleased with all the games. I will come back and discuss with the director to change the leadership thinking and delegate work and create opportunities for all the members to join to promote their creativity. My favourite lesson that I've learned is solidarity which is key to the success of any organisation. I would make a compromise between the members to connect people."

"Through all the games, I have drawn a lesson. Since the day I became a leader, I have not given all the rights to my members. At the same time, I still don't know how to optimise the unique strengths of each team member and use all those natural gifts fully. And, I must respect all the different roles among the members of the team to succeed."

"There are three things that I deeply like. Firstly, assignment goes hand in hand with empowerment. It's kind of easy to divide work, but it's hard to assign the rights, and it will be more effective if we can do both at the same time. Secondly, it's encouraging. You know, it's important to always cheer each other up in non-profit organisations like us. And the last one, leaders should lead from behind and provide support to motivate members to develop."

"From the puzzle game, they say that two heads are better than one for a reason. Being part of a team allows members to build trust and share a strong bond. With more hands-on-deck, I can complete a task and reach a goal that I would not have been able to achieve had I been working alone."

"Working within a team allows for the workload to be shared equally among members and distributed according to each member’s skills and strengths. Some tasks simply cannot be done alone but teamwork can."

" Solidarity is important. Not only do the members of the executive committee must unite but also all the members of the branch. Combining unique strength from each team member is important to create our branch as well."

"A picture of many pieces of it is like an organisation with many people in different positions. And if we want to fit it into the rounded square, all we need is having full of pieces as well as all the members and the consensus of the team. And the leader needs to attach each piece properly to the appropriate space."

"Observe, don't just see" is a lesson I drew from the training course. And I learned how to organise, arrange my work too."

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Nguyễn Văn Cử

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