“One World for All” Event in Quy Nhon Engineering College

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 01:59

The event was held on 10 October 2018 with the participation of 300 students at Quy Nhon College of Engineering and Technology College. The event aimed to help students understand the difficulties that students with disabilities encounter when approaching education and integrating the community. Additionally, they will see the positive image of people with disabilities who are optimistic, fresh, full of vitality and competence.

Using a wheelchair, experiencing to be visually impaired, deaf and mute in the event gave the students the real feeling of people with disabilities.

MC dẫn chương trình


toàn cảnh


SV Ngồi xe lăn


Trãi nghiệm làm người khiếm thị


Chia sẻ sau khi trãi nghiệm

"I find it very difficult to express to others what I want without a voice."

"When I'm sitting in a wheelchair, I find it very difficult and very scared to be brought upstairs."

This experience has helped students understand the difficulties and barriers that PWDs face in daily life and know how to support them properly and effectively.

Thầy trình bày

At the end of the program, Mr Pham Van Tuong - Vice Principal pledged to provide the reasonable support for students with disabilities. The Youth Union will be involved in developing a plan to assist students with disabilities and engage them in activities at school. Moreover, the school also proposed cooperation with DRD to organise additional extracurricular programs involving PWDs, students with disabilities and students without disabilities.

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