Raising the public’s awareness of disability, equality and inclusion

Thursday, 13 September 2018 02:37

The training on "Equality and Inclusion for Parents of Persons with Disabilities (PWD)" was held for Youth Union’s members in Tay Ninh on the 13th and 14th of September 2018.  The training helped participants to get right about disability included:

-    Disability and Handicap

-    Recent popular models to support PWD

-    PWD’s rights

-    PWD and family’s disadvantages and barriers when joining social activities

-    Inclusion

-    Solutions to help PWDs have equal life, access at ease to public buildings, education, medical and career, etc.

Chị Yến đặt câu hỏi với các bạn

With active training method, which the participants were the main center; besides trainer designed various activities (big group discussion, small group discussion, game) to attract participants’ attention. The lesson is from the participant’s view that helps them understand the new knowledge easily.

Các bạn Thanh Niên làm việc nhom

"Just a few minutes to experience being a PWD, I felt how difficult and inconvenient their lives are. I did not know how to access the entrance with lots of steps or toilets without helps. People around stared us when we were going out as PWDs. At that moment, we understood PWDs’ difficulties and why they dare not to go out or speak out their needs. We understood that the disability was only an inconvenience. The public’s perception and attitude, inaccessible places and buildings are the barriers that prevent their inclusion. We never paid attention to these. We promise to change the form of our activities and involve PWDs.”

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Thử dùng xe lăn


Thử trãi nghiệm làm người khiếm thị

Recognition from post-training sharing and observation shows that the majority of participants were able to talk about concepts related to disability, the rights of PWDs, difficulties and solutions for PWDs, which make more opportunities for PWDs to participate equally in social activities.

Thanh Tùng

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