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Friday, 26 October 2018 02:42

These were the answers of 30 people with disabilities in Phuoc Son commune (Binh Ding province) to the questions related to their rights of accessibility. Nobody thought that the public places and buildings such as parks, hospitals, schools, entertaining places should be accessible. That’s why DRD organised the workshop and training on “Accessibility Rights” for people with disabilities on 25-16 October 2018.

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The target was to provide the accessibility auditing skills according to the technical parameter of the Ministry “The national technical standard of building constructions, which people with disabilities can approach and use.” (QCVN 10:2014/BXD). At the end of the course, the members started to practice their skills. After the practice, the attendees became more confident and willing to go out and do their assignments.

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“I have never audited the accessibility of public places or gone to any government offices. I’m delighted that this is my first time to do so to make a voice for the promoting an accessible environment for people with disabilities. I want to say thanks to DRD for making a chance so that people with disabilities enrich their knowledge and skills.”, said a participant. 

“Accessibility audit is critical. We can collect data and based on evidence, our requests are heard. I hope that the government will push the policy that enforces the improvement of the accessibility in the audited places.”, said another participant.

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