In-country study tour

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 02:28

As part of activities to improve the capacity of disabled people’s associations, DRD in collaboration with Da Nang Disabled People Organization organized a study tour for 14 leaders with disabilities living in Binh Dinh and Tay Ninh from 17 to 19/12/2018. The program was funded by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID.


How does a young club become an official association? Which factors ensure the participation of members? How to ensure sustainability? What challenges will be encountered in the development process? How to leverage existing resources effectively? How to create linkages with local agencies? ... were concerns shared in this study trip.

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Additionally, the leaders also engaged team building activities to better understand human factors, teamwork spirit, cohesion towards common goals in maintaining and developing the group.

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According to participants, the trip gave them useful experiences to run their organization better.

 “We learned how to work together to plan and use the local resource. We are aware of the importance of cooperating with organizations such as Youth Union, Women's Union, Veterans' Association, Red Cross Association, and enterprises. This is also a way for the community to know the existence of our clubs ", said a leader in Ninh Son (Tay Ninh).

 “It is the first time I have participated in a study tour that equipped me useful knowledge. I experienced interesting learning activities. I believe we can bring shared experiences into the management of our clubs. We think that we can manage our clubs in a scientific, transparent and effective manner.” said a leader in Binh Dinh.

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