Three training on Accessibility for people with disabilities in Binh Dinh

Friday, 23 November 2018 03:06

The training was conducted for people with disabilities living in Phuoc Thang, Phuoc Hoa and Tuy Phuoc commune (Binh Dinh province) from 15 to 22 November 2018. Most participants are the new members who had not joined any accessibility-related training in 2018.


During the training, the participants were provided information related to rights to access public places, construction codes and how to apply them in practice. As usual, after the first day of training, they spent half of the day on practising their auditing skills. Some were excited to experience and select data and made evidence-based suggestions for modifications and necessary adjustments to public facilities. Most of them said that they seldom go to the public buildings because they are inaccessible. They also understood the importance of going out and auditing the accessibility, which they had never paid attention.


“Although we do not have money to make everything accessible, we should start with the simple things”, said a person with a disability. They were also aware of their rights to raise their voice for a more accessible environment. However, most of them stated that their voice might not be heard.

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