Persons with disabilities (PWDs), like any other members of the society, have the right to participate in any social activities of their interest (including joining the labor force), have a worthy life and be treated as an equal.

Once given equal opportunities, PWDs can make contributions as valuable as anyone else’s. A job enables a PWDs to earn a living, help provide for their families, and contribute to the society,  giving them confidence to participate in social activities and prove their values. DRD’s job placement aims to realize this vision.

Job seekers will receive consultingcapability and disability assessmentssoft skill training, and get support to find a suitable job. Students with disabilities get help to find internship opportunities, meet businesses and have other people with disabilities as mentors during their internship or working experience. DRD also supports start-ups and businesses of PWDs.

For businesses, DRD acts as an agent for the recruitment of PWDs, provides policy consulting, suggests necessary adjustments to promote a friendly work environment for different types of disabilities, and organizes training courses and seminars about disability. DRD also accompanies businesses in working with PWDs and help them fulfill their social responsibility.

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