Scholarship and Mentoring


1. Mission

"The Companion” Scholarship Program (Người bạn đồng hành) aims to provide better education and development opportunities for students with disabilities, helping them execute their rights and responsibilities in the society.

DRD believes that education will enable PWDs to:

- Better their behaviors and characters.

- Widen their visions, be equipped with necessary skills, and believe in their abilities.

- Have the opportunity to prove themselves, thus changing social assumptions against PWDs and their abilities.

- Find suitable jobs, settle their lives, earn a living, help provide for their families, and contribute to the country and society. 

2. Impacts of the program

- Students with disabilities who receive the scholarship will have a better understanding of the philosophy “one for all, all for one”, and learn more about disability and life skills through activities with DRD. Graduates will get help with job searching via DRD’s network.

- Students with disabilities also have the opportunity to organize training sessions to improve their confidence and integration capability.

3. Eligibility

Students with disabilities attending universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City.

- GPA of 6.5 or higher (for students in second year and later) and 7.0 or higher (for first-year students).

- DRD reserves the right to post relevant personal information on the Scholarship section of DRD’s website.

4. Selection criteria

- Financial difficulties.

- Clear plans and goals.

- Community spirit/devotion for others.

Priority criteria: Female, remote areas, ethnic minorities.

5. Benefits

Monthly grant: There are two rates of monthly grant to align with specific situation of each student:

VND 1,000,000 or VND 500,000.

6. Application time

DRD has two admission rounds each year:

- 1st round: From April 25 to June 10: application admission. June 30: deadline for result announcement.

- 2nd round: From October 1 to November 30: application admission. December 30: deadline for result announcement.

7. Renewal

Your scholarship can be renewed without re-application, provided that you must submit your academic transcript of each semester for renewal consideration.

8. Requirements

- Send reports of your progress (every 3 months).

- Be cooperative and keep in touch with the scholarship group

- Participate in (selective) activities to express social responsibility such as tutoring children with disabilities, participating in organizing social events, helping other students with disabilities, etc.

9. Application documents include

- Application form stating your personal information and family background. You can apply by:

o Completing the attached form (>> Download here)

o Filling in the following link:

- A sealed academic transcript of all semesters (for students in second year and later).

- A copy of high school records and college admission notice (for first-year students who do not yet have a college transcript).

- A copy of Below/Near Poverty Line Certificate, or certificate of financial difficulties (if any). 

- A full body photo that shows your face and type of disability.

10. Contact information

Nguyen Minh Hao


Phone: 028 6267 9911 (ext. 142). 

Please call during office hours

How to send your application

Please send via email or post at:


Address: 311K8 Thu Thiem Resettlement, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

For your convenience, application via email and the above link is recommended.

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