Be prepared. Whether it is for you or your family. Join us to lay the ground for a better future for everyone.

We will soon have to face such issues as:

- 30% of Vietnam's population suffers from mental disorders, of which the depression rate accounts for 25% (Institute of Mental Health)

- There are 1.2 million unemployed people, 48% of which is young people (2019, Organization of International Labor ILO)

- Vietnam will have an ageing population by 2038, of which people aged 60 or above make up more than 20%. (According to Vietnam Strategy on Population and Reproductive Health for the period of 2011-2020, Ministry of Health)

- 96% of the elderly suffer from multiple health problems, mainly chronic, non-communicable diseases.

- On average, a Vietnamese elderly person suffers from three health issues.

- Climate change and its extreme weather phenomena in Vietnam are increasing in frequency and unpredictability, including storms and floods that do not follow natural occurrence, changes in water sources (precipitation, river level), warming, records in rainfall and heat, mangrove, drought, and sea rising, etc.

- Each year, around 7 million people in the world die of stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections, as a result of air pollution.

- The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it greater inequality, increased social frustration, emotional violence, degradation in moral values and lifestyles, and cyber-security issues.

Such challenges will increase the number of the disadvantaged, persons with disabilities, and the elderly, who will be more likely to be subject to poverty and vulnerability. And the poorest are those who pay the highest price.

With 15 years of experience in social work for persons with disabilities, Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD) has become a role model from which other social organizations can learn and replicate the rounded model with different beneficiaries - something that only a few social organizations in Vietnam can do.

We have made tireless efforts towards a good life for everyone, including persons with disabilities. 

Will you join us?

Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD)

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