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To serve the need for information and consulting on legal issues of persons with disabilities (PWDs), DRD works with lawyers and law offices to provide free legal consulting via:


- DLaw on iOS and Android

- Website

- Email:

- Mobile: 093 895 7697 

- Facebook:


PWDs can have easy access to legal documents, policies, and procedures. They can find the answers for their specific cases and express their opinions about issues directly related to themselves. These channels will gather feedback from PWDs and propose it to the authorities for proper adjustments. 

To achieve such goal, DRD has been collaborating with:


Truong Thi Hoa Law Office

Areas of expertise: Criminal law, marriage and family, land-housing inheritance, tax, labor, accounting, business, contracts.

Lawyer ID number: 3579/LS ngày 01/08/2010




Practising certificate no.: 5564/TP/LS-CCHN dated February 27, 2009.

Lawyer ID number: 3610/LS issued by Vietnam Bar Federation, dated August 1, 2010

Areas of expertise: court proceedings, legal consulting, authorized representation, etc.

Work Experience: CEO of Roma Law Firm - 

o Education: Post-graduate.

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