The Fellowships in Global Journalism: Get a Chance to cover Your Own Speciality for Top Media!

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Deadline: 19 February 2016

The University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs is inviting applicants from all over the world for its fellowship on Global Journalism.

The Fellowship in Global Journalism is unlike any conventional journalism school. The fellows get a chance to actually cover their own specialty for top media around the world.

The curriculum combines mentored freelancing to major media with courses in journalism, freelance tradecraft and seminars in global affairs and because Fellows’ needs are different, this journalism Fellowship is flexible, they can report in a way that works both for them and for the clients with whom they are matched with.

The Fellowship begins with a six-week boot camp, during which Fellows learn the foundations of journalism.

The Journalism Fellowship is built on four pillars:

  •  The Boot Camp
  •  Mentored freelancing to major media
  •  Classroom Curriculum
  •  Coaching for two years after the program

Eligibility Criteria

The university is recruiting only 20 fellows from around the world-and is seeking something different than conventional journalism programs:

  •  Specialization
  •  The relevant graduate degree, professional degree or work experience to report knowledgably on any specialty
  •  Prior experience as a journalist is NOT necessary, but some specific qualities are required as mentioned on the website.
  •  Written and spoken fluency in English.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply by informing the sponsors and then submitting their applications via email, as indicated on the website.

For more information, please visit Fellowships in Global Journalism.

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